I am walking outside home. Sensing the breeze against my face. Rain seems to fall, I am between insecure thought and sincere feeling. I wish rain falls. All my body soaks, my worries fade away just like the rain removes the powder on my face.   Advertisements


Kini senang. Nanti sedih. Sekarang resah. Esok merasa lega. Maha Kuasa Tuhan Yang Membolak-balikkan hati manusia. Raga ini mengekspresikan apa yang hati rasa. Hati ini sedih, lalu mata yang menangis. Hati senang, mulut ini yang tertawa. Lantas sebegitu mudahnyakah kita terkoyak oleh hati yang merasakan segala sesuatu yang temporer? Iman. Iman adalah bagian dari hati, … More Hati


Does fear come from heart or brain? Is it made of feeling or mind? You feel afraid or you think you’re afraid? Where does it stay? No matter how fear you feel, don’t focus on how torturing the fear is! THINK. Whenever you’re in fear, you can overcome it. You know you can because actually … More Fear

Notes From Qatar: Positive, Persistence, Pray (BOOK REVIEW 1)

Hallo, everyone! Kali ini aku mau kasih review tentang rekomendasi buku, judulnya Notes From Qatar ditulis oleh Muhammad Assad. Nah, why I must recommend this book because this book gives colors in delivered messages. Sebelumnya, mau sedikit cerita dulu boleh ya? Hehe. Sebenernya udah kepengen banget beli buku sejak 3 bulan yang lalu gara-gara ngerasa … More Notes From Qatar: Positive, Persistence, Pray (BOOK REVIEW 1)

Thank you, Failures!

I don’t think people in this world are free of failures. Never, we will never ever as long as we’re still alive. What failures have you experienced? Lost in some competitions? Got the test remedial? Rejected several times of preferred schools or universities? Or may be got rejected by several scholarships? Well yeah, you might … More Thank you, Failures!


Have you ever felt like enough of anything? No, it’s not kind of stuffy feeling after doing some dozens of tasks but you just feel like empty. You don’t have any idea from where you must start and what you’ll do. Well, yeah you’re not alone, it also happens to me frequently often. I always … More Emptiness


Hi, welcome to nadhiamaze! I assume some of you want to know about this blog’s writer or no one cares? hihi It’s okay. Whatever. I’ll tell you anyway 😀 I’m Nadhia. I make this blog when I’m in my third year of college. You can count by yourself how old I am. Am I old? … More Hello!